How To Make Best Use Of Marijuana Pipes With Simple Techniques

For people who smoke weed, they would be familiar with the different ways of smoking it – through bongs, pipes, blunts, vaporizers and joints. Out of all these, marijuana pipes are the most basic and an easy way for smoking cannabis.


If you want to dig deep on the best methods to smoking marijuana from pipes with proper care, then our following tips will come handy for you:-

What A Marijuana Pipe Is Made Of?

A pipe consists of a bowl piece, which is used for stuffing the marijuana. Adjacent to this, there is carb, which is a small hole. The carb allows the chamber to be cleared. When you are smoking cannabis, you need to cover the hole with your thumb, and remove it when you stop inhaling. For pipes, which do not have the carb, you will find a hole at the end of the pipe, to put your mouth over it to inhale. When you are looking to buy Marijuana pipes wholesale, make sure to choose the right one which fits your smoking needs comfortably.



When To Use A Screen?

An extra screen becomes necessary when the bowl piece has a big hole. These are effective to hold the cannabis from falling through the pipe, as well as keeping the weed getting inhaled or sucked into your mouth and preventing the dirt from the pipe. Make sure to use only a specific screen, which you can buy from a marijuana or smoke store.


How To Clean A Marijuana Pipe?

Inhaling and hitting can be as comfortable as clean your marijuana pipe is. Therefore, to prevent clogging and molding it is important to clean the inside of the pipe regularly. This can be done by using specialized cleaners which you can get from a smoke store, or by using boiling water or alcohol bath. An effective cleaning can be achieved by disassembling the pipe to clean each part separately.


What Are Some Common Mistakes You Should Avoid?

A convenient smoking session can only be created when you avoid some common and basic mistakes, like:

  • Do not hold the lighter to the bowl, instead keep it over the bowl’s top
  • Do no exhale keeping your mouth on the pipe, as it may cause the weed to fly out of the bowl.

Knowing these basic things and following certain logics will help you enjoy your smoking session delightfully, while keeping your pipe to use for a longer duration. Similar to the marijuana pipe, when you shop for tobacco pipes glass wholesale, make sure to understand the right maintenance and smoking techniques to enjoy pleasurable.


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